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The username to access the databases is: ontario. These databases can also be used off campus!

Gale offers full-text magazines, academic journals, news articles, primary source documents, images, videos, audio files and links to vetted websites organized into a user-friendly portal experience.


Do you need information on a wide array of subjects? This is the database for you!


Do you need information on today's most significant science topics? Use this database1


Take online AP and college practice tests, search for collegescareers, and scholarships on this database!


Do you need information on the pros and cons of a social issue? Opposing ViewPoints is for you!


Did you know we have ebooks you can read online?! Find one in this database.

Cameron’s Collection provides targeted guidance on sensitive teen issues for students, teachers, and counselors--allowing users to access critical information on portable devices, 24/7!

Globe Theatre Assignment

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Use Britannica 
School for 
your research

To search Encyclopedia Britannica School, you will need to obtain the username and password from library staff. Click on "My Britannica" to search thousands of up-to-date articles, images, videos and so much more!

Username: ontario Password: jags

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ProQuest is made up of the broadest single research resource in the world.  It contains several databases within its database that will provide a wide variety of resources including newspapers, journals, magazines, dissertations, images, and much more.

Username: CJUHSD Password:@Library18

Use ProQuest 
to find deeper research!

eLibrary helps simplify the research process with an easy to use platform.  This database has a large collection of periodical and digital media.


This database has surrent Leading Issues--the pros, cons, and everything in between on the most researched and debated social issues.


CultureGrams provides country reports that go beyond mere facts & customs. You will see the lifestyles of the world's people.


This database will provide you with a wide variety of newspaper dailies from all over the nation as well as other rich resources.


To search A-Z The World, you will need to obtain the username and password from library staff. Click on "Sign In" to search 175 countries on over 100 different topics. This has all the facts on every country in the world!

Username: OntHigSch Password: jags

A-Z World
to find info on far
away places
Safari Montage Video Database
Safari Montage is a video database with thousands of videos to use when researching to make your presentation fantastic! To access Safari Montage use Long ID username/Short ID password. 
Research Platform
NoodleTools gives students a way to navigate the tangled web of research by organizing all of the research in one place! First time users need to register with district info and Long ID username/Short ID password.